07 October, 2008

Butterworth Reunion (Some Comments made)

Hi enjoy the weekend.

Carmen de Lange, Personal Assistant, Dr Z. Jafta, Acting Hospital Manager, Frere Hospital East London - South Africa


Looks awesome! A bit jealous about not being there....

Greg van Heerden


Howzit Lance

Thank you very much for keeping me updated on the reunion. Unfortunately, living on the other side of the planet does not make it easy to be there.

Please say Hi to all those who might remember me and a have a fantastic weekend!!

Send pictures.


Ivano Colombo


Looks like a great turn out...............we would love to be there. Please send our best to all.


Andrea Bosi and Jane (Bezuidenhout)


Hi Lance

Hope all is well with you. Can’t believe Edward Bell is coming all the way or the reunion.

Tell him Louise (Bergamasco) White and I say hi. Lousie’s Mom was here recently and told me she would like to get in touch with him in the UK. Would you get a phone number then she can make a plan to contact him. Tell Kyle that Theresa says hi. Michelle Hawkes was in Pretoria a few weeks ago and her and Linda met up. Recognise a lot of familiar names on the list. Wayne McKay, Japie and I see Sylvia and Alan are also coming.

You guys must enjoy the weekend together and send pics….

Take care



Hi Lance, apologies from Marissa du Toit (now Haswell)

Next time!! Have a great time, enjoy- send the pics


Lance I look forward to next time - Please take care and have fun


Manuela (Rocha)Jordaan


Hi Lance,

Can you on pass my apologies to all as I wont be able to make due to work commitments – its rather a pity as it would lekker to meet all the Butties folk,I think it’s going to be a real bash.

Though I hope you will send me some of the photo’s of the event and thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Chat to you later.

Gary Nass


Hi Lance

Thanks for all the updates, unfortunately I will not make this one.

Gary Pike


Hi Lance

Will be thinking of you all at the reunion. Sorry I can't make it. In case you don't know I live in Mooi River, teach at Treverton Prep, am married to Mark (also a teacher...grade 7) and have two children, Jodi who is 2nd year varsity and Stewart who is in Grade 11. We still have the cottage at Mazeppa and go as often as we can.

Have a great weekend.

Michelle (Hawkes)Chaperon


Dear Lance,

even if I will not be able to be phisically at the reunion I will surely give it a couple of thoughts ... how nice, a reunion !!!

Do you often have them and is everyone invited?

We were supposed to come to S.A. two years ago to meet up with my sister, brother in-law and son as they were visiting some relatives there, but then we decided to stay with them in Dubai as they lived there back then.

I left Butterworth in 1986 and moved to East London where I lived until 1994, year in which I left for Italy.

In April my sister and family were in East London, Johannesburg, P.E. and George ... now they live in Saudi Arabia and we will go and visit them in August, VISA permitting ...

Please give me news on old friends once the reunion is over ...

Thanks ... and have a great time !!!

Silvia (Ceresa)


Hi Lance

On behalf of my folks, Ted & Pam Derry, in Jeffreys Bay, and my sister Lynn Gill, in Dubai, we wish everyone a fabulous time at the Butterworth Reunion. We will be thinking about you all and await lots of news from the weekend. Take care and may everyone return safely after the festivities.


Mark Derry

Thanks for the great idea of this site

Great makes me feel home, I know some faces and one friends name, actually we where best friends, Mark Chemaly, has anybody got his address ?

Thanks for any info on any other class, I will soon post a couple of pictures, went to Butterworth High school between 77 and 78.

Thanks for the great idea of this site

Marco Gamba

New Pic's and Information

Hello every one

We need more pictures and information from BHS ex students and teachers. Pass this site around and lets build our memories.

Thanks for the help

13 April, 2008

Std 8 Class - 1979

Std 8 Class - 1979

Sitting : Sherilee-Ann Hopf, Jacelyn Ramos, Mr Hillebrand(Fluffy), Charmaine Berndt, Ronald Liddell.
Second Row: Janet Fennell, Brenda Smith, Terence Kilpatrick.
Third Row : Silvia Lauer, Teressa Du Toit, Alan Edworthy, Alan Livingston, Eric Morritson, Karen Knox.
Back row : Carl Lauer, Brian Mc Arthur, Gavin Hansen, Richard Upton, Bazil Howard Browne,
James Flexney, Duane Nel.

1st Hockey team - 1979

1st Hockey team - 1979

Sitting : ?, Mrs Derry(Coach), Sharon Struthers(Captian), Mr Derry(Head Master), Michelle Hawkes.
Standing : Cheryl Trustler, Janet Fennell, Charmaine Berndt, Wendy Smith, Teresa Du Toit, Jenny
Wheller, Silvia Lauer, Lyn Derry.

1st Hockey team - 1978

1st Hockey team - 1978

Sitting : Carol Sahd, Mrs Derry(Coach), Sharlene Mills(Captian), Mr Derry(Head Master), Michelle Hasslua.
Standing : Janet Fennell, Michelle Hawkes, Sharon Struthers, Wendy Witfield, Hazel Watridge.
Back row: Norman Adkins, Charmaine Berndt, Ly Derry, Esabe Erasmus.

2nd Hockey team - 1977

2nd Hockey team - 1977

Sitting : Fiona Armstrong, Coach Mrs Derry, Moira Young, Mr Derry, Bev Bowker.
Standing : Elsabe Erasmus, Lyn Derry, Charmaine Berndt, Norma Adkins.
Back : Raylein Lindeman, Cherly Truster, Sandra Egelhof, Janet Fennell.

06 April, 2008

First Cricket Team - 1981

First Cricket Team - 1981

Front Row: Brain McArthur, Mr.Ted Derry(Head Master), Willem Boshoff, Coach Fenner Barnard, Steven Liddel
Second Row: Lance Pook, Ronald Liddel, Shawn Pook, Rob Bowker, Bazil Howard-Browne, ?, Dean Fernandez, Richard Greenfield, Gregory Hill

First Rugby Team - 1981

First Rugby Team - 1981

Front Row: Richard Greenfield, Lance Pook, Mr Ted Derry(Head Master), Bazil Howard-Browne(Captian), Coach Fenner Barnard, Garry Nass, Ronald Liddell
Second Row: Gregory Hill, Brain McArthur, Niel Langley, Karl Lauer, Willem Boshoff, David Frew, Dean Fernandez
Third Row: Rob Bowker, Jeffrey Hogg, Trevor Jordaan, Steven Oosthuizen, Shawn Pook

Matric Class - 1982

Matric Class - 1982

Front Row: Mr Ted Derry (Head Master), Lynn Derry (Head Girl), Jeffrey Hogg (Head Boy), Johann Van Wijk ( Teacher)
Second Row: Richard Greenfield(Nobby), Jackie Hessel, David Frew, Bazil Howard-Browne, Riccardo Frabrello, Antonio Ventura, Tammy Hollingsworth

U13 Cricket Team - 1978

U13 Cricket Team - 1978

Front Row: Grant Cuthill, Coach Fenner Barnard, Richard Greenfield(Captain), Mr. Ted Derry(Head Master), Dean Fernandez
Second Row: Gregory Hill, Mike Hanson, Eugene Pautz, Shawn Pook, Mark Chemaly, Lance Pook, Mark Mills, Warren Mills.

Junior Tennis Team - 1977

Junior Tennis Team - 1977

First Row: Desiree Beneke, Coach Mrs Watson, Lynn Derry, Mr Ted Derry(Head Master), Sharon Kallis, Coach Christine Jooste, Jenny - Lou Boucher

Second Row: Richard Greenfield, Eugene Peach, Hansie Lategan, Dean Fernandez

(Look at the wooden tennis rackets.....wow)

U13 Rugby Team - 1977

U13 Rugby Team - 1977

Sitting on the ground: Danie Petzer
First Row: ?, Coach Ivor Hillerbrand(Fluffy), Hansie Latergan(Captain) Mr Ted Derry(Head Master), Ronald Liddell
Second Row: Dean Fernandez, Rowan Hawkes, Craig Jordaan, Clive Emmerson, ?, Richard Greenfield
Third Row: David Frew, Tony Harrison, Dirk Smal, ?, Karel du Plooy, Ronald Rudder, Alan Livingstone

Matric Farewell Dance Invitation 1980

Matric Farewell Dance Invitation 1980

Remember all the hard work we all put in when we were in Standard 9. The selling of all the goodies at Athletics and Swimming competitions between Gordon and Davis House, so that we could give the Matric students a send off.

If you remember any amusing thing about this or your Matric Farewell, blog below and let us know.

05 April, 2008

St 7 Class Photo - 1979

Class Photo - 1979
Standard 7

First Row: Dean Fernandez, Martina ?, Tony Mundell (beanpole), Charmaine Manthe, Richard Greenfield
Second Row: Lynn Derry, Tony Harrison, Debbie Hislop, Linda Jordan, Antonio Ventura, Ross Raymond
Third Row: Jackie Hessel, David Frew, Hansie Lategan, Wayne Mckay, Jeffery Hogg, Edward Bell, Linda Clifford

First Cricket Team - 1980

First Cricket Team - 198o

Front Row: Brain McArthur, Coach Peter Hughes, Cedric Hill, Lewellyn Berndt, Mr Ted Derry(Head Master), Willem Boshoff
Second Row: Richard Greenfield, Eddie Bell, James Flexney, Ronald Liddel, Bazil Howard-Browne, Gavin Hansen, Dean Fernandez, Lance Pook

Butterworth High School Swimming Team 1977

Butterworth High School Swimming Team 1977

Front Row: ?, Gary Whitfield, Glenn Hawkes, Richard Greenfield, Alison Mc Arthur, ?,?,?,?,?,Roger (Joey) Emmerson
2nd Row Sitting: Eugene Peach, Renee Whitfield, Bazil Howard-Browne, Coach (Mrs) Pam Derry, Pauline Upton, Mr Ted Derry, Michael Harrison(Spike), Sheena Wedderspoon, Richard Upton
3rd Row: Michael Bell, Lance Pook, Karen Frew, Karen Knox, Jackie Hessel, ?,Jenny-Lou Boucher,?, Rowan Hawkes, Alan Hall
4th Row: Niel Potgieter,Yvonne Knox, Desiree Beneke, Jackie Kallis,?,Lesley Pook, Hansie Lategan, Ronald Rudder,?, Janet Fennel, Wayne McKay
5th Row: Tony Pook, Wendy Smith, Michelle Hawkes, Rodney Howard-Browne, Carol Sahd,?, Lee Trusler,?, Neville Edworthy

We need names people, I tried my best. If you can help, blog a comment to this post or e-mail me. Thank you. Bazil Howard-Browne

Why this Blog Site for Butterworth High School?

There were a lot of fond memories in Butterworth. We had lots of fun in all our sports. Rugby, Cricket, Girls Hockey, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country Running. The competition between Gordon House and Davis House was always strong, not to mention the times we travelled to Umtata for Rugby, Athletics and Swimming.

We really put up a good fight in every thing we did. We were proud of our school. How many trips did we make to East London, Cathcart and Stutterheim to play rugby. Remember the circuit training that Coach Peter Hughes and Coach Fenna Barnard put us through to prepare us for the upcoming rugby season.

All of this is only memories to us. We need to put this up on the internet, so that the memories will remain for others to read, and even our children's children. We are looking for past pictures from school, and present picture of yourself and your family. Where have you been and what have you been doing for 25 years???? Put your memories on the internet.

Lets have some fun with this and blog away. Bazil Howard-Browne

First Team Rugby 1982

Thanks to Richard Greenfield, aka, nobby, who sent me this picture.

Butterworth High School Rugby
First Team 1982

Front Row: Richard Greenfield, Coach Barnard, Richardo Frabrello, Bazil Howard-Browne (Captian), Mr Ted Derry(Head Master), Stephen Liddlel
Second Row: Teddy Gepigon, Gary Nass, Shaun Pook, Lance Pook, Evito Mendoza, Michael Bell
Back Row:Emanuel Mendoza, Grant Liesher, David Frew, Robert Bowker, Antonio Ventura, Jeff Hogg, Greg Hill